Program Manager of the Downtown Vibrancy Program at Edmonton Economic Development Corp., where she works with the business community to create excitement and awareness around some of Edmonton’s most memorable events like FIFA Women’s World Cup, ITU World Triathlon, and Tour of Alberta. Moirae also leads project that focus on reimagining spaces and creating unique events and opportunities for Edmontonians and visitors alike, including the recent Culinary Lab Series and Edmonton Design Week. These unique events showcase Moirae’s creativity and passion for community and urban design.  In her spare time, she can be found scoping out the culinary, art, and music scene and exploring new ideas to bring to life in unconventional spaces.

Email me at mchoquette@edmonton.com


On behalf of the National Organising Committee and the Canadian Soccer Association, I wish to thank you and your colleagues with Edmonton Tourism and the City of Edmonton, for you significant support and contribution in helping to promote FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 held at Commonwealth Stadium June 6 - July 4. The promotional opporunties created such as signage in hotels and Host City properties, combines with community engagement packages and outdoor media, were very much appreciated and helped to bring the competition to life in Edmonton. It was a pleasure working with you and your colleagues and we look forward to future collaborations.
— Peter Montopoli | CEO, FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015
Our team at Uber Edmonton were thrilled to work with Edmonton Urban Economy to make some magic in the city for #UberPICNIC. From their assistance with product for the stunt, their ability to connect us with local partners to facilitate the promotion and their eagerness to brainstorm with us on logistics and social media strategy, we felt the partnership was a great marriage of brands and we could not have created such a positive impact without their support. We received alot of positive feedback from Uber riders and look forward to working with the team in the future for more promotional opportunities!
— Emily Ashley | Marketing Manager, Western Canada, Uber
I wanted to extend my gratitude for letting us participate in Race week. I believe it is great for Edmonton to have events such as these. I also wanted to show my appreciation to Moirae and how pleasant she was to work with. Moirae took on many tasks that usually the business owner would and that the business owner would have troubles accomplishing. This work made it easier for us to focus on our current business and how to make the event most efficient. Working with her was a breath of fresh air and I hope I can work again with her in the near future. Thanks again for everything you guys do for the City of Edmonton and we look forward to doing more projects with EEDC in the near future.
— Devin Pope | Owner Operator, Mercer Tavern
The Urban Economy Activation Team brought excellent value to the City of Edmonton this year through a wide array of unique city activations. Their ability to bring together local partners and help them to create memorable experiences brings excitement to the city and enriches existing events. Their involvement in and support of events such as Farewell to Winter Patio Party, Raceweek Street Party, Vignettes, and Rodeo Week Kids Korral to name a few, continues to bring dynamic activities to the city that residents can look forward to. The team should be congratulated for their ability to continually create new and innovative ways to activate areas around the city. We enjoy working with their professional and energetic team!
— Jenny Baker | Festival & Events Liaison, City of Edmonton